Spectrum iBILL- Store Front Office POS system

iBILL- Store Front Office Point of Sale (POS)

A robust Front Office Point of Sale system with special built in features for multiple retail sub-verticals, Spectrum iBILL is PCI PA-DSS compliant, highly auditable, and geared for fraud prevention. Spectrum iBILL implements the UPOS standard for easy integration of peripheral devices specific to retail, and has an intuitive user interface thus leading to reduced training time for retail floor staff, an area that usually experiences a high degree of employee turnaround.

Why do Retailers need iBILL?

  • Living up to the expectations of empowered and well informed customers for whom the Point-of-sale (POS) is the most noticeable element of a retailer's commitment to good customer service.
  • Amalgamation of multiple retail channels like brick and mortar stores, catalog sales and ecommerce stores drives customers to the POS that is not equipped to handle cross-channel sales as it lacks awareness of customer requirements in and across multiple channels.
  • Expanding operations in domestic markets and satisfying requirements for localization
  • Given the retail industry’s high employee turnaround, retailers are fighting to reduce training costs.

iBILL Feature

  • Scan and Sell – Provides the ability to scan, search, sell multiple items at the POS terminal in a single cash memo ticket
  • Ticket Printing – Gives choice of layouts and custom and promotional messages, map multiple physical printers to the document types
  • Reconciliation of collections – With support for cash management, float management and bank deposits
  • Housekeeping Activities – Entail opening and closing activities by POS till, day, and year
  • Sales/Customer Order – With advance payment, partial payment, invoicing and delivery options
  • Unified PoS (UPOS) standard compliant – For plug–and–play integration of specialized retail peripheral devices such as barcode scanners, electronic cash drawers, receipt printers, etc
  • Gift Registry – Helps customers define various registries for events such as weddings, birthdays, etc. for accepting gifts in the form of merchandise or vouchers from family and friends
  • Customer management – Helps enroll and maintain customers at the store pre–integrated with Spectrum CLIP and also has the ability to integrate with third party Customer Loyalty Program software and services
  • PCI PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) – Adheres to the standards for providing advanced card payment security to the customers. Extensively audited with ethical hacking techniques thus hardening the security of spectrum iBILL
  • Product Returns & Exchanges – Are inline within the sales transaction for a more hassle free customer shopping experience
  • Business Continuity – POS facilitates auto switching between online and offline modes during network or store server hardware failure and recovery
  • Discounts and Promotions – Provides key promotions as well as integration with Spectrum iPPROM promotion engine, the ability to integrate with third party promotion engines
  • Integrated Inventory Updates – Enables ability to maintain accurate stock levels at stores
  • Multi-location Stock Check – Provides detail information of the stock levels within the store and the network
  • Multi-Lingual – Caters to various regional and international language and dialects
  • Multi-Tenders – Renders Spectrum the ability to accept payments using multiple configurable tender modes such as Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Gift vouchers, credit vouchers, Loyalty Points, etc
  • Multi-Currency – Capabilities enable usage of multiple currencies and tenders in the same transaction to provide wider geographical applicability for today’s Global organizations
  • Sales Budget by stores – Enables definition and tracking of monthly sales budget for each store
  • Shop In Shop (SIS) – Can track sales and inventory in 'shop in shop' scenarios where the SIS does not have its PoS systems
  • Gift Vouchers – Consists of a comprehensive a gift voucher management and execution program with capability to handle fixed as well as variable voucher values
  • Product and Pricing Master – For creating, editing and uploading pricing masters
  • Tax Master – To create multiple taxes by categories, slabs
  • Hold and Resume bill– Function to hold a bill while create a fresh one, thus enabling more efficient management of queues
  • Sales – Of ad–hoc priced items such as gift wrapping, tailoring, delivery charges, etc
  • Quick Access Options– At the PoS to increase cashier efficiency
  • Associate Sales Person – With cash memo for calculating incentives
  • Product Image – Is available for display for visual verification of merchandise and customer display on dual display device
  • Reports – List the number of reports for store related operations and consolidated sales reports
  • Emerging In-store technologies– RFID, smart cards, NFC tokens, etc. are enabled
  • Fast Cashier switching – Option to switch between multiple cashiers operating the same bill
  • Partial Payments- With Post–dated checks

iBILL Benefits

  • Unified in-store point for efficient sales transactions and heightened customer service, thus improving the Customer shopping experience
  • Retail sales transactions - such as sales, returns, refunds and layaways, optimized for ease and effort resulting in a superior shopping experience for the customer
  • Reduced efforts involved in Cash management - for example, float management and reconciliation increasing cashier efficiency
  • Ensures cross channel visibility and tracking of inventory at POS
  • Easily fulfill customer's expectations of in-store service like faster check-outs and making detailed product information available at POS
  • In-transaction Inventory management, including returns and exchanges for a more hassle free customer shopping experience
  • Easily configurable for greater flexibility to accommodate current and future customer-led business requirements