Tap your way to retail profits

   Jan 28, 2019

It would be little early to have a conversation on the retailer based mobile application (app) market in India. But as a matter of fact it is undeniable that the retail sector of India, having a population of 130+ crore people is on a long term adaptation bandwagon. New trends and technology in retail seems to change or emerge with a comprehensive pace within a short span of time. So yes, it is early to take a note on retailer app market now, but by the end of this year it might be one of the most sought after investment in retail.

A Retail based application (app) gives the customer and the retailer an opportunity to have mobility in retail transactions without any time constraints. We at Spectrum, provide an application called ‘Spectrum Mobex’ (under our Retail Management Suite) for the same to assist retailers in becoming an important aspect of their customer’s lifestyle.

According to IBEF, the online retail market is expected to grow at the rate of 31% each year to reach about 7% of the total retail market by 2021. Looking at the upside of current situation in India from a retailer’s perspective, on an average a person in India spends about 4-5 hours with his/her mobile. This gives the active online retailer an added opportunity or an additional slot apart from the traditional in-store option to sell or promote his/her products. Mobiles are now a very integral part of our lives and it will definitely affect our shopping habits and inclinations. Retailers cashing in on the opportunity at this nascent stage will observe an impending long term profit.

The rate at which retailer app segment would be expanding, there are some crucial pointers that requires attention, to have an aligned and directed progression of this market in India. The pointers include:

  • Considering the fact that holding on to the attention of a mobile user for a considerable amount of time is a tough task, retailers should try to maintain the simplicity and clarity of communication. Making maximum impact with minimum words should be the mantra of every retailer to ensure that the promotional messages have reached and read as well.
  • Applications would be less irritating if the update notifications are broadcasted with a smart and practical approach. A mobile app would have a greater chance of getting uninstalled from the user’s mobile if the frequency of updates are overdone or kept in a haphazard manner.
  • Usability of a mobile app should also be checked by the retailer. Most of the apps get deleted after installation because User finds it difficult to get acquainted with it. The app should be user-friendly enough with supporting instructions to guide through the search, selection and sale of products.
  • The integration of the app based promotional campaigns with offline in-store workflow is also an important factor which would simplify the customer’s shopping experience irrespective of the channel used.

Spectrum Mobex – a module of Retail Management Suite – is specifically developed to provide customer—centric mobility solutions which not only caters to consumers but also equips sales associates and customer service representatives to deal smartly and effectively with their customers, leading to an enhanced shopping experience. A tap on your mobile phone and we at Spectrum would make sure to secure your future profits.

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