Spectrum Mobex


Spectrum Mobex assists retailers in becoming an integral part of their customers’ lifestyles. It is a highly Customer–centric mobility solution which not only caters to consumers but also equips Sales Associates and Customer Service Representatives to deal smartly and effectively with their customers, thus enhancing their shopping experience. Through Spectrum Mobex, customers and in–store personnel alike can have an immersive experience of the stores; be it detailed product information, accurate inventory levels, instant ordering and gift registries or Loyalty related interactions. Additionally, Spectrum Mobex is geared to easily expose on–demand any functionality from all of Spectrum’s Modules, to be used either in customer–self–service or assisted shopping environments where clienteling can now be extended to a larger customer base without the challenges of increased man–power, training and costs, thus encouraging customers to shop at the stores and empowering Retailers to influence their purchasing decisions.

Why Do Retailers Need Mobex?

  • Provide a personalized experience to drive increased customer engagement that goes beyond simply communicating promotions to customers on their mobiles
  • Need for Mobility platforms that are capable of evolving along with Retailers’ long term marketing strategies
  • Being prepared for the internet savvy, information overloaded new–age customers with well–informed customer service representative at stores
  • Becoming a part of the Mobile lifestyle of customers by harnessing the personal and cultural nature of mobile devices and combining it with in–store contexts

Mobex Feature

  • Empower Customers to explore product information, check availability, prepare shopping lists, gift registries, manage their loyalty profiles and a whole lot more, thus creating a multi–way communication and engagement channel with Retailers
  • Promote customer interaction through multiple channels to increase cross selling and up–selling as well as cross–channel service opportunities
  • Keep pace with evolving Retail Marketing strategies and mobile technologies through Spectrum Mobex which is built on top of the Spectrum Core using cross–platform mobile development platforms
  • Increases Customer Loyalty by claiming personal real–estate on their mobile devices
  • Easy integration with back office transactional systems, internal customer data, sales and distribution channels, etc. aiding in executing the promises made through Mobile marketing initiatives