Spectrum WebSHOP - eCommerce


Spectrum WebSHOP empowers retailers to reach out to their customers beyond their brick and mortar stores into the World Wide Web while offering them a unified shopping experience. Spectrum WebSHOP simplifies customer satisfaction by providing a single version of truth on products, sales, inventory and all other information relevant to e-commerce operations and their customers.

Why Do Retailers Need WebSHOP?

  • Satisfying the needs of consumers who want to be certain they have adequate information to make an informed decision about the product they are considering for purchase
  • Including consumers' product reviews online as they have become a must-have element of retailer e-commerce sites
  • Ensuring e-commerce sites load quickly and have quick checkout capabilities
  • Extending convenience, continuity and consistency of the retail experience to the Consumer across all channels, be it brick and mortar stores, e-commerce sites, catalog sales or smart mobile devices
  • Extending the online presence to become a part of the Consumer’s lifestyle through social media integration
  • Providing Consumers with an easy-to-execute return policy when shopping on an e-commerce site

WebSHOP Feature

  • Integrated or Standalone - can be integrated with other Spectrum modules for merchandise hierarchies, products, prices and taxation, promotions, inventory management, orders, customers and loyalty programs to provide a unified shopping experience to the customer. Spectrum Webshop is also available as a standalone e-commerce engine
  • Different Stores for Different Customers - capability by hosting multiple e-commerce stores which in turn can have multiple views based on languages, customer groups etc
  • Marketing Promotions and Tools - has flexible Coupons (pricing rules) with ability to restrict to stores, customer groups, time period, products, and categories
  • Search Engine Optimization - supports Google Site Map and has built in capabilities for being indexed by Google search
  • Catalog Management - supports Batch Import and Export of catalog with Google Base Integration. Spectrum Webshop also provides ability to download digital products
  • Catalog Browsing - has Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of products in Categories and search results along with product comparisons and reviews
  • Product Browsing - supports multiple images per product which can be zoomed-in and out as required
  • Easy Checkout - facilitates One-Page Checkout either as a guest or a customer with the ability to ship to multiple addresses in one order
  • Shipping - can be sent to multiple addresses and multiple shipments per order. Spectrum Webshop also has built in integration with leading third party logistics providers like UPS, USPS, Fedex and DHL
  • Payments - has in-built PayPal and Moneybookers integration, providing interfaces for integrating with payment services for 3D secure credit card verifications. Spectrum Webshop also supports payments by money orders and checks as well as payment in installments
  • Analytics and Reporting - has an intuitive Dashboard that provides a quick view of the e-commerce business and contains 29 reports needed for e-commerce operations
  • Order Management - allows for creating and managing of online orders and their fulfillment and also provides order fulfillment through other channels when used in conjunction with other Spectrum modules
  • Customer Service - is optimized due to feature-rich customer accounts management allowing customers to track their orders and re-order merchandise. Spectrum Webshop also allows for downloadable products and a history of recently ordered products. Furthermore, Spectrum Webshop enables customers to set alerts for changes in price and inventory availability
  • Highly Configurable layout and design - through an in-built content management system for a vibrant looking e-commerce site that is easy to maintain
  • Customer Communication - via the ability to design and distribute newsletters to subscribing customers. Spectrum Webshop allows customers to rate and review products online
  • Add-ons - like the e-commerce functionality can be augmented through over 6027 free and paid extensions. Social media integration can be achieved through a vast choice of extensions. For example, nearly 200 extensions are available for integration with Facebook
  • Mobile commerce - optimizes your e-commerce store for i-phones, i-pads and android devices through an easily configurable administrative interface. Spectrum Webshop also allows for payments to be made through smart phones as well

WebSHOP Benefits

Spectrum WebSHOP is feature rich and well equipped to meet your challenges- both current and future-head on.

  • Maximize cross-channel Customer Interaction by extending in- store offerings like customer order management, loyalty programs, gift registry and promotions online to offer convenience, consistency and continuity of the retail experience
  • Social media integration through Extensions for more than 70 social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LivingSocial, etc. helping retailers become a part of their Customers’ lifestyles
  • In-built Search Engine Optimization to maximize the mind-share of prospective Customers
  • Manage multiple online stores from one administration panel to establish an online cross-format presence
  • Secure Mobile Commerce transactions through smart mobile devices, increasing multi-channel Customer conversion
  • Marketing and Catalog-Management tools that help you monitor and improve your search engine rankings, market your web-store and create catalogues quickly
  • Online Analytics, Reporting and out of the box integrations with Google Analytics and Website Optimizer allow for further insight into web-store performance and enable actionable changes to react to customers’ needs
  • Intuitive and efficient one-page guest checkout process and the ability to integrate with a variety of payment gateways along with alternative payment methods, making the Checkout process easy for customers
  • Customers can access feature-rich accounts to view order statuses and receive tracking information directly on the site, as well as interact with the Retailer, resulting in increased customer satisfaction
  • Customer Service agents are able to view customer account information, including not only the order history, but also items in customers' shopping carts and wish-lists, to effectively answer questions and complete orders for customers via the Call Center dashboard
  • Customers can save items to a wish-list and share with friends and family, and contribute to Ratings, Reviews and Product Tags