Spectrum CLIP

CLIP - Build Loyal Customers, the Easy Way

Spectrum CLIP is a comprehensive loyalty program management and execution system designed specially to cater to the modern customer. Spectrum CLIP empowers retailers to build, track, and reward the loyalty of their Customers. The flexibility offered by Spectrum CLIP encourages retailers to get creative with their loyalty programs, without increasing their liabilities. Spectrum CLIP helps retailers empower their customers through multi-channel interactions, thus making them want to come back for more.

Why Do Retailers Need CLIP?

  • Ensuring your loyalty program is preferred by your customers over your competitors’ programs
  • Getting members to use their loyalty programs regularly
  • Making the loyalty program meaningful to customers
  • Providing customer loyalty information to customers across multiple channels like brick and mortar, mobile and e-commerce
  • Limiting liabilities created through loyalty programs
  • Enabling revenue sharing across owned stores as well as franchisees  for redemption of rewards across multiple stores
  • Empowering customers to use their loyalty card through multiple channels like brick and mortar, mobile and e-commerce

CLIP Feature List

  • Customer Management – To Enroll and maintain customers through various channels to establish loyalty
  • Multiple Loyalty Program Types – For instant (Promotion based) as well deferred (Point based) gratification of customers
  • Multiple Loyalty Programs – Driving customer value for specific demographic segments through the ability to configure diverse loyalty programs for a single retail chain
  • Card Management – For managing Card logistics, and maintaining primary, duplicate and add–on cards for customers and their family
  • Multi-tiered Programs with Auto-upgrade / Downgrade Capabilities – Help getting Customers to use their loyalty programs more frequently
  • Multiple Point-Earning and Redemption Ratios – Enables retailers to define fixed as well as dynamic currency–to–points ratios based on products & loyalty tiers. Spectrum CLIP is easily configurable and can co–exist to make the loyalty programs more relevant to Customers
  • Protection of Liability – By periodically converting loyalty points to gift vouchers thus providing a means to expire long standing unused points
  • Back Dated Bill Updates – For historical purchases not yet registered against the Customers profile
  • Customer Data Synchronization – Helps customers to be accurately identified and their rewards tracked across the network of stores
  • Customer Interaction at PoS – To check availability of customer profile & rewards, as well as the ability to earn and redeem rewards at the PoS till when bundled with Spectrum iBILL. Spectrum CLIP also has the ability to integrate with any third party PoS system
  • Cross Channel Extensibility – When coupled with Spectrum iBILL, Spectrum Mobex & Spectrum Webshop provides readily available interfaces to achieve cross channel customer interaction through pre–existing modes & channels
  • Inter Store Invoicing – Enables revenue sharing across stores and franchisees through inter–store (or inter – franchisee) invoicing of rewards
  • Reporting – Has more than 15 standard reports available as part of the module and more custom reports can be built as per the business requirement

CLIP Benefits

  • Structure multiple (e.g. customer demographic specific) loyalty programs
  • Create multi-tiered loyalty programs with auto-upgrade / downgrade capabilities
  • Define multiple point to currency ratios based on product/card type
  • Provide accurate near real time loyalty information via synchronization across multiple channels
  • Convert loyalty points to date-limited gift vouchers thus reducing liabilities
  • Inter store (or inter-franchise) invoicing of rewards
  • Provide Loyal Customers the ability to interact with their preferred retailer through multiple modes such as online, through contact centers, smart mobile devices and brick and mortar stores